Why are there ZERO standalone tutorial videos?

I have looked just about everywhere and have never seen anyone make a standalone tutorial or tutorial video.

They have a YouTube tutorial video series but funny enough, it has no tutorials on it. Only 20 to 30 second videos showing off the result of something however not showing how to do it.

Now that crowdfunding people are getting their device I am amazed there aren’t more people asking this question.

I feel you. I bought this more than a year ago, and I was really excited about it. I thought that I could practice Node.js while doing stuff with sensors and IoT. But like you, there too many stumbling blocks and soon I just gave up. There’s no good documentation, no real support, and too many devops/linux + other languages such python knowledge required to really make progress.

I am not saying it’s a bad product, it’s just advertised almost as if anyone could code awesome things with it, when the reality is that a) you are on your own and b) you really need to know about hardware and low level languages.

Exactly. I bought 2 of them, imagine how I feel.

I too feel it is not a bad product but think it was not made clear you have to code it to work. I learned to make the Matrix standalone version work you still have to connect it to a Pi to initially set up.