Windows IOT core

I am anxious to use my boards. They show excellent workmanship and appear to be quite powerful.

I prefer to use Windows IOT core. I’ve reviewed the documentation. While there a libraries and examples for Raspberrian, there does not appear to be a level of detail of which I can take advantage to manage the board for Windows. There is a windows version of the firmware used to load up the board with the OS, but I can’t tell if I can use the windows version or must stick with initializing the board from Raspberrian.

I am old school. I prefer to se the API and instructions spelled out rather than spend hours back engineering code. Is there documentation I have not located which can give me a leg up on moving forward?

Thank you,

Hi Jeff,

Glad to hear that you enjoy our board.

Unfortunately, Windows IoT Core is a distinct OS, so we would have to write additional drivers in order to support it.

Right now, our target OS is Raspbian. We can consider other OS targets for the rPi in the future, Universal Windows does have a great ecosystem and lots of expertise. It would certainly be to our advantage to support it, but right now, we need to focus our efforts on Raspbian.

We are here to support you on Creator, if you have any trouble using it, please reach out in this forum.

Thanks for letting us know you want Creator to support Windows IoT, it helps us prioritize our plans,


Well how about more documentation to all others to integrate with w iot?