Windows IoT Support

Hi team matrix,

Any plans to support Windows IoT on matrix and matrix voice in near future? We are in early phase of prototype development, and support only for mic grid would be sufficient to unblock us to the next stage.

Hi Khalid,

We would love to support Windows IoT, however, it’s a full-on replacement for Raspbian and we don’t have the bandwidth to fragment operating system support without serious financial consideration. We do have our components on an i2c bus, so it would certainly be possible. I don’t see it happening any time in the next 2 months though.


Thanks Sean,

Any documentation/samples for matrix rpi I2C bus? Is the voice stream after
it has been processed available in I2C?

Currently, we support ALSA for microphone out. No docs yet for the i2c, sorry.

Hi Sean,
Hope you are doing well. Any update regarding Windows IoT support?

I also request support for Windows IoT core. I am working on a project which requires the use of a UWP application and the microphone array. It would be extremely helpful if you can tell me when there will be support for Windows.


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I am also interested in Windows IoT support, as we are looking to use a Creator with a Windows device which is UWP based and it would be useful to have direct integration.