Zigbee and Zwave modules

Is there update for the Zigbee? @yoelrc88

@jeroenveenvan The chip is SD3502A

@yoelrc88 How is the Z-Wave connected to the FPGA? I see the ZigBee connection but not the Z-Wave in the verilog. I am wondering if it is possible to use both ZigBee and Z-Wave simultaneously. I know there is only one UART to the Pi. Maybe one can go through the SAM3S.

For Zwave, when it will be certified, what is the goal to make the controller avalaible for an OpenZwave for exemple ?

Hi @rpress,
The Z-Wave is connected to the FPGA using a serial port. But the current FPGA firmware doesn’t have that connection yet, the Z-Wave functionalities will be release when we get the certification. We are working on that now.
Regarding the second question, yes, users will be able to use both at the same time.

Please enable both radios at least in Rx mode so we can sniff our environment and prepare for higher-level interaction later on. That should require minimal support (just a packet dumper) compared to device-specific Zigbee/Z-Wave monitoring and control.

Hi, saw your update is from January, is there a timeline on this yet?

Just bought the Matrix Creator One specifically for Z-wave support as listed on the website, didn’t realise you were still ‘waiting on certification’.

Looking to start a project within the next few weeks


Hey guys, first of all: great work!
Being able to control my Z-Wave and Zigbee devices would be the major reason for me to buy a Matrix Creator since I am looking for some kind of smart hub… Do you have any updates on the certification process?
Looking forward to your response. It’ll be awesome, if I can order a Creator without having doubts that it’s going to support my Philips Hue bulbs and Z-Wave thermostats within the next weeks… :wink:

I bought it for Zigbee and Z-Wave late last year. Back in Sep '16 the word was “soon”. Don’t know about your definition, but 9 months does not equal soon. Can you guys release something?!

Soon = 16’Oct + 1 week in this case:-) But to be fair, getting a certification is something which might be out of your control.

Hey, are there any news for Zigbee and Zwave? I would like to get the matrix to build a almost complete smart hub for Home Assistant with it, but without Zigbee and Zwave working properly it is pretty useless for that purpose.

Almost seems like Zigbee and Zwave are not going to happen as it’s been about a year now :frowning:

You can use zigbee since a while now.
From MOS: https://matrix-io.github.io/matrix-documentation/API/zigbee/
From MALOS : use this JS as reference https://github.com/matrix-io/matrix-malos-zigbee/blob/master/src/js_test/test_zigbee.js

Probably you have to install malos-zigbee
sudo apt-get install matrix-creator-malos-zigbee

We are currently working on improving all the documentation.


Well that’s good news, I must have missed that announcement.

Any word on Z-wave then?

Would love to use Matrix Creator to control openHab: https://www.openhab.org/

In case y’all missed this!

“MATRIX Labs Joins Z-Wave Alliance; Announces Z-Wave Plus Certification for MATRIX Creator IoT Development Platform”


Wow, great news! Does this mean ZWave is available now for the Creator? Do we need to upgrade to the latest OS?

Its already support at the MALOS layer see here:

This malos layer exposes a Protobuf interface inside a ZMQ connection. There are some simple examples here:

The support in the MOS will we ready soon :). Less than a month I would say.

Thanks for the support … big things coming !


The javascript examples that is mentioned in the previous comment does not work for me.

Was anyone able to get it working, are there python examples available for the same.
It would be very helpful if someone can help me.

Thank you in advance.

Hello @Guru

We are working on the update of those examples. I will let you know when it will be ready. We could discuss in this thread: JavaScript examples for z-wave not working

Thank You,

Kevin Patino

How to get directly access to zwave and zigbee serial ports simultaneously and start communication using own libraries ?

I have ZigBee working and am now trying to get Z-Wave going. Thank you for your progress on these components!

I have two questions:

  1. Is there a plan to get the Z-Wave serial port working as a pseudo-tty device? I see there is a wishbone UART in the FPGA but to really support it in Linux it should be a tty device. This could be done in user space on Linux, but needs some software work. Right now I have modified the FPGA to route this to the second serial port on Pi 2, but I would like to use Pi 3.

  2. I need to use OpenZWave, but the firmware is set up as a Bridge Controller. OpenZWave only supports a Static Controller. Could you please include the Static Controller firmware in zwave_prog as an option?