Zigbee available, not activated in zigbeeTest App


I was trying MATRIX Zigbee https://github.com/matrix-io/matrix-malos-zigbee and I got this issue ^

The error message in MOS is:

Zigbee available, not activated.
Detection available, not activated.

But my Philips Hue Lamp is connected with the Creator. You can see it in this video



I’ve got the same issue but I get then when running MOS zigTest application. Is Zigbee not generally available or is there something speciifc I need to do for activation?

Mine repeats “Zigbee available, not activated.”

Matrix OS v1.7.0 - rc

matrix list apps
│ Name │ v │ Description │ Status │
│ HelloWorld │ 1.0.2 │ MATRIX Starting Animation │ inactive │
│ zigTest │ 1.0.0 │ testing zigbee │ active │