Zigbee available, not activated in zigbeeTest App

I was trying MATRIX Zigbee https://github.com/matrix-io/matrix-malos-zigbee and I got this issue ^

The error message in MOS is:

Zigbee available, not activated.
Detection available, not activated.

But my Philips Hue Lamp is connected with the Creator. You can see it in this video

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I’ve got the same issue but I get then when running MOS zigTest application. Is Zigbee not generally available or is there something speciifc I need to do for activation?

Mine repeats “Zigbee available, not activated.”

Matrix OS v1.7.0 - rc

matrix list apps
│ Name │ v │ Description │ Status │
│ HelloWorld │ 1.0.2 │ MATRIX Starting Animation │ inactive │
│ zigTest │ 1.0.0 │ testing zigbee │ active │