Zigbee bellows not working after reinstall

I followed this initially and as you can see in the thread with a little help I go it working. But I had to make some changes so I reinstalled stretch and started from scratch and now I only get
(bellows) pi@raspberrypi:~ $ bellows -v debug permit
debug: Using selector: EpollSelector
debug: Loading application state from /home/pi/.config/bellows/app.db
debug: Sending: b’1ac038bc7e’

Anyone have any ideas?

did you disable the em385-program.bash it will reset your zigbee chip on every reboot and you need to reform the zigbee as controller and rejoin all devices, as the encryption keys are changing if you form a new controller.

Yeah I did I am trying it again now and let you the results

Ok I must have screwed up somethiong on first reinstall its working as advertised
Thanks everyone

Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I am running into the same issue where it is stuck on sending. Does it have to be ran as root. I have tried root and as my user and have the same out come. I see ttyS0, ttyAMA0, and ttyMATRIX0 have tried all 3 and still same result. Is there a log somewhere I can see if there is something going on?

Hi @shadowra88it, welcome to the community!

Can you describe better what steps you followed. We dont have an official guide on how to get bellows working but @loom posted this a while a good, not sure if you follow that.


i’ve updated my post:

if you have still problems getting the zigbee controller to work, try to completly power off the device. my current setup with zigbee and the latest hass.io works like a charm. the hass team has improved the ZHA support massively since the end of last year.